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On this long sojourn of life, it is fair to say we are ever changing, ever being changed. Some things change us more than others. This is the diary of my sojourn.

I have been called a gypsy and a wanderer, but ultimately I consider myself simply a “Lover of Life.”  I love to travel, not for traveling’s sake, but in order that I might find Christ in the new places and people I encounter throughout my journeys. In the last 6 years, I have studied in Austria and traveled throughout Europe, I have gone on a two-week mission/service trip to Jamaica, I have lived in Denver, CO, Mobile, AL, Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, Norfolk, VA, and Chicago, IL. I spent two years in New Zealand as a missionary starting youth programs, and I have hiked the 500 mile pilgrimage from St. Jean Pied de Port through the Pyrenees to Santiago, Spain (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela) with nothing but my backpack and good friend.

What can I say? As already stated, I love to Live life! This is the only one we’re given and the duration isn’t guaranteed. I believe that passion, zeal, joy, and love are among the greatest gifts the Lord has given us as a foretaste of Heaven. I am not of the understanding that God has created us to be miserable for a lifetime and then find joy in Heaven. Heaven begins, in many ways, now! Mind you tragedy, sorrow and death have not left me unscathed, but this life is temporary and so are they. Only love survives to eternity and I believe that our greatest witness as Christians is our joy! So, Christians, man your horses and let’s take life by storm instead of passively letting life happen…we have nothing to lose and a lifetime, leading into an eternity, to enjoy!

AMDG (All for the Glory of God!)


1 thought on “About The Author

  1. Danielle, It sounds like your trip was a success. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. I had a wonderful trip this summer to Austria, Germany and Italy. It was a beautiful pilgrimage, The footprints of Pope Benedict. We had Mass each day at our destination, and talks that were related to the specific area. St. Paul’s in Venice, Cathedral of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy, and many more. It was twelve days I will never forget. Hope you find a job in Texas. I have eight children this year at St. Ann’s. The children are all so sweet. Take care, Mrs Mazzuca

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