2015: Year of the Phoenix

IMG_1416Happy New Year! For a long time, it was my blogging tradition to post a month by month photo reflection of the past year on New Year’s Eve. In light of personal circumstances, I let this tradition lapse the last few years. I’d like to resurrect it tonight. 2015 could well be called my year of the phoenix. Beginning with moments of death and darkness, but resurrecting itself as a year of great triumph, healing, strength, glory, and goodness. I am grateful to be standing on the edge of 2016, transformed by ALL that this past year entailed. When saying goodbye to my grandparents after the holiday, they told me that 2016 was “my year.” I haven’t been able to get this out of my head. Whether it’s “my” year or not, well, who knows, but I do feel an immense amount of hope as the minutes countdown to the start of 2016. I have learned a great deal about myself these last 12 months…here are just a few small glimpses of it’s teachable, memorable, joyous, transformative moments:January: Good Friends, Cold Weather, and the March for Life…

IMG_0529 IMG_0533 IMG_0534

February: 30 candles on my Birthday cake, Floridian celebrations, and the sun setting on a very long journey through the legal process…

IMG_0647 IMG_0653

March: 5k’s, Cirque du Soleil training, and the best moment of all…the birth of my niece, Ava…

IMG_0699 IMG_0727 IMG_0786

April: Easter on the beach and a visit to the convent…


May: May 1st greetings from my niece, taking to the water on kayaks and skis, and visiting my favorite Bostonian family..

IMG_1092 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

June: Convent shenanigans, family reunions, and cousin concert night..


July: Celebrating the Fourth in the District and farewell for now’s to Norfolk friends…

IMG_1544 IMG_1550 IMG_1594 IMG_1636

August: God-mothering, my move to Chicago, birthday celebrations with two of my favorites, and precious time with dear friends…

IMG_1672 IMG_1684 IMG_1688IMG_1738 IMG_1740IMG_1821

September: TOO MUCH CUTENESS, I got to eat grains for the first time in 3.5 years, and a Browns birthday celebration for my favorite brother…

IMG_1842 IMG_1855 IMG_1908 IMG_1918 IMG_1921 IMG_1978 IMG_1979

October: New beginnings, surprise visits from friends, Nova Vita Designs, pumpkin carving, firing range, and Sandra Dee…

IMG_2118 IMG_2146 IMG_2151 IMG_2160 IMG_2202 IMG_2209 IMG_2223

November: Texas travels, the great outdoors, and college football…

IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2280December: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
IMG_2371 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2400 IMG_2422 IMG_2424 IMG_2425

AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be filled with peace, grace, and blessings…Here’s to 2016, my year!

Abundant Life is Moving: Diary of a Sojourn

Ok. Ok. Let’s talk about where this blogging girl has been the past two years. The short answer is blogging elsewhere. I kept a private blog throughout the last 24 months where I was able to express my thoughts and reflections on a topic I wasn’t prepared to share with the world yet: sexual assault. Two years ago, I was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance who offered to give me a ride back from a birthday party. For some of you, this may be the first you are hearing about this, and for that I am immensely sorry. There is no way to soften the blow of such information. I have ceaselessly wrestled back and forth with the desire to protect those I love from this information and the need to share all that God has done in the midst of it.

Truly, there were times I wasn’t sure I would survive the process, but God in his insane goodness has made me a completely new creation in spite of it all. I am literally amazed by how small my concept of being made “new” was in comparison to what he did! While my slate has been wiped clean and the emotions tied to the assault no longer plague me, it is a part of my story, and an important one to share I think. When the Lord works a miracle, how can we help but shout it from the rooftops, even if by proclaiming the healing we must also reveal the leprosy that preceded it.

And thus, I have decided to move all of my entries to the address of my most current blog site. Embracing every chapter the Lord has written and inviting you into them. This also means, however, that I will be letting you into the darkness that pervaded much of my life for the last two years, as I sought the Lord’s face in the midst of a storm. For some of you, it may be better if you never read of my experience. Perhaps our relationship makes it such that it would be better for you to not have any thoughts or images of my trial. For others, it may be enlightening, or even beneficial, to read of my journey through the healing process and through the court system. These entries include everything from wrestling with the meaning of mercy and grappling with the question “why?,” to accounts of the assault and repairing the foundation of my identity in the aftermath.

If you decide to read these entries, they can be found throughout my posts on the new site; HOWEVER, if you decide it would be more prudent for you NOT to read about this time in my life, the SIDE BAR will be your best friend! You can avoid these entries entirely by selecting a chapter from which to read posts, RATHER than simply scrolling down the main page, where you will stumble upon all of my posts. ALL entries from the assault are in the chapter Assault in the City.

I hope this is helpful!

This will be my last post on twelvestars.wordpress.com. I hope you’ll come with me to my new address and continue to follow my journey!

The new site is: diaryofasojourn.com

Thank you so much for your support thus far. I pray for each of you! Also, I know that what I’ve shared may come as a shock. If you have need of reaching out to me with any questions or concerns, please feel free to do so. My blog response email is d.lina.lucci@gmail.com.

All for the Glory of God.